DIY Heart String Art For Valentine’s Day

Sometimes an old idea, even from the 1970s, can still be recycled and used again. String art is still very popular and fun. It’s a great way to express your creativity – You can make many different shapes with many different colors.



This heart-shaped string art DIY project is a great wedding present, but can also work as a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift!


As a wall décor it can be very stylish and cool for your living room.

This Camper May Look Odd, But Once You See Inside, You’ll Wish You Owned One!

Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985, the Markies camper masquerades as an unassuming box. When the sides come down, it’s soon apparent that this is no ordinary trailer.


Vinyl awnings and clever, collapsible furniture allow this camper to expand into a comfortable, fashionable home away from home.


The awnings can be raised or lowered, depending on the weather.


You can even sleep under the stars on a clear night.


With four beds, a removable divider allows for a little privacy while sleeping.


The modern conveniences continue into the kitchenette, complete with cappuccino machine.


Everything is carefully designed to maximize features and minimize space.


This results in some unusual appliances, such as this sink/stovetop combo.



Credit: ViralNova | Photography Eduard Bohtlingk

It Looks Like A Boring Box In A Room. But What Came Out Of It Blew My Mind!

Looks can be deceiving… so make sure to never underestimate someone’s creativity. Take this box for example. It seems like it’s just a normal chest, right? What it really is will leave your jaw on the floor. You won’t see this one coming. I know didn’t.


It’s an entire room in a box! If I could find a way to stuff an entire apartment in a box, I’d be set 😉


Don’t Think A Table Can Blow Your Mind? Think Again, Because These Are Simply Unbelievable!

Most people don’t have the time, skill or budget to perfectly design and Feng Shui their own home. However, don’t give up if a well-designed apartment or home is your goal! An impressive interior design scheme can be accomplished simply if you have a creative focus piece, like one of these tables. These pieces of furniture are so incredible, you could design a whole room around them…

1. Sparkling Crystal Table
creative-table-design-1-22. Octopus Table
creative-table-design-23. CATable
creative-table-design-7-24. Ocean Sand Work Desk
creative-table-design-6-25. Swingset Table
creative-table-design-56. Liquid Glacial Table
creative-table-design-4-27. The Pond Table
creative-table-design-15-18. Fusion Table (Billiards/Dining)
creative-table-design-14-29. Coffee Table Kitty Hammock
creative-table-design-12-210. Nautilus Table
creative-table-design-10-111. Cat Grass Table
creative-table-design-3-213. Photo Album Coffee Table

How to Grow Cacti Indoors

Cacti make beautiful houseplants that add character to any home. But perhaps the best part about cacti is that they are virtually impossible to kill. With a bit of soil, sunlight and minimal water they will happily grow and flower for years, which makes them a great plant for beginning gardeners and even those with notoriously brown thumbs.


Step 1

Change your cactus’ soil. Unless you know when the cactus you purchased was potted, its a good idea to re-pot it as soon as you buy it. A cactus that is potted in quality soil does not need any fertilizer at all. Quality cactus soil should be composed of one part potting mix, one part washed sand, and one part coarse gravel. If your cactus does not grow or flower for a long while, it is a sign that its soil needs to be changed once again.


Step 2

Water your cactus. House cacti need very little water–as little as one watering per month. To tell if your cactus needs water, insert a pencil all the way to the bottom of the soil. If moist soil clings to it, it is not yet time to water. Cactus soil should be allowed to completely dry out before it is watered again. Tap water is not good for cacti. If possible, use collected rainwater to water your cactus. Rain water causes chemical reactions in the soil that will provide most of the nutrients that it needs to thrive in its pot. If rain water is not available, use distilled water or tap water that has white vinegar added to it (one capful of white vinegar per five gallons of tap water). Never water your cacti with cold water. Bottom water your cactus by letting it sit in a saucer full of water, and do not let any water get on its flesh or roots. Cacti grow for only a few months out of the year, and when they are resting they need virtually no water. Different cacti have different growing seasons although most grow in the spring and fall and rest in the winter and summer. It is important not to over-water your cactus when it is resting. Research your particular variety of cacti to get to know its growing and resting cycles.


Step 3

Place your cactus near a brightly lit window where it will receive sunlight for most of the day. However, if your cactus develops yellow or brown spots, it is a sign that is receiving too much light. To remedy the problem, simply move it to a spot that receives less light. If it turns a lighter green, it needs more light. Use its colors to help you find a balance.

Things I Love: Home Republic Elk Quilt Cover Set

Hand drawn, this quilt cover set features a spectacular Elk drawing that will bring a unique piece of modern art into your bedroom. Printed onto a luxuriously soft blend of Bamboo and cotton that creates a silky soft feel, this design also features a black triangle print on the reverse. Add some gorgeous color with the hand painted European pillowcases also available in the Elk range.